Sunday, September 3, 2017

Middle Class Christians

THIS IS WHY I DEMUR FROM CALLING MYSELF "CHRISTIAN," AND PREFER TO IDENTIFY WITH THE "ANCIENT WAY."- In regard to Packer's comments below, one can probably add "white" to "middle class.- Lance
"It is our shame and disgrace today that so many Christians- I will be more specific: so many of the soundest and most orthodox Christians- go through this world in the spirit of the priest and the Levite in our Lord's parable, seeing human need all around them, but (after a pious wish, and perhaps a prayer, that God might meet those needs) averting their eyes and passing by on the other side...Christians, alas, they are many- whose ambition in life seems to be building a nice middle-class Christian home, and making nice middle-class Christian friends, and bringing up their children in nice middle-class Christian ways, and who leave the submiddle-class sections of the community, Christian and non-Christian, to get on by themselves."

- J.I. Packer, Knowing God, pg. 63

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