Monday, July 18, 2016

The Archbishop of Canterbury honors H.I.M. and the Ethiopian Church

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip visit Ethiopia and H.I.M. in 1965

Anglicans over the last 100 years or so have had a very warm regard for the Eastern Churches, and besides seeking close ecumenical relations with them, they also invested a lot of scholarship in studying the Eastern Churches. This is the statement of the Archbishop of Canterbury upon the visit of Haile Selassie to Lambeth in 1924.

"But there has never before visited Lambeth anyone whose church stands in terms of antiquity, in first place among the Christians of the world. Your Highness, Your church has an ancient history of about 1600 years. Its beginnings approach the earlier period of the Apostle of Our Lord.”

 - the Most Reverend and Right Honorable Randall Davidson, Archbishop of Canterbury (+ 1930), on 11th July 1924.

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