Saturday, April 22, 2017

Looking East

Bede Griffiths, offering the Holy Qurbana
 "And there's a God-sized hunger underneath the laughing and the rage
In the absence of light
And the deepening night
Where I wait for the sun
Looking east..."

- Jackson Browne, Looking East

One of my social media friends recently asked me why I have been so interested in His Imperial Majesty, and Ethiopian Christianity.

My friends who know me well can attest for the last 20-25 years, I have had an eye toward the East- the Eastern Christian Churches, but also as an orthodox Christian influenced by the writings of Thomas Merton, Buddhist thought, Vendanta and the Bhagavad Gita.

As Jackson Browne says in his lyrics above, I have a "God-sized hunger," that I look East to fulfill. 
Whether it is the teachings of His Imperial Majesty, and the heritage of the Kebra Nagast, or  the sublime teachings of Bede Griffiths, my spiritual hero, or my passionate interest in the Aramaic Scriptural tradition, popularized by George M. Lamsa, or the fusion of Orthodox and liberation theology by the great Indian Archbishop, Geervarghese Mar Osthathios-  I find my self looking East always. My prayer life as of late, and my reading of the scriptures, are grounded in an Eastern and Semitic point of view.

These days in America, where our democratic republic is turning into a fascist-kleptocracy, and the churches here have willing submitted to a Babylonian captivity, baptizing the ideology of the oligarchs, I look to alternative expressions of understanding the Christ- alternative, yet, much more ancient, and original to its Source.

I seek to find the True Self in the Ancient Way. 

Jackson Browne – Looking East Lyrics

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  1. Wonderful words dear brother. I am blessed and honored to know you. You inspire me with your depth of knowledge which is always rooted in a spirit of love and compassion. I admire your tastes in spiritual literature and in music. I sense we are kindred spirits. The world needs more conscious minds and open hearts like yours. As Miles Davis said: "Pray and play. Play and pray."