Sunday, April 16, 2017

The Resurrection Affirms Creation

When Jesus surrendered his life on the cross, he brought to fulfillment this movement of the human soul; he accomplished the total surrender of man to God, of the human to the divine; he achieved the final death of self to this world and raised to eternal life in the resurrection. This is the one movement which was accomplished on the cross. The other movement is the descent of the divine into this world, the movement of incarnation. From the beginning of creation the Spirit has been communicating itself to matter. -Bede Griffiths, Return to the Centre, page 89.


Christianity does not deny the world, creation, or matter - for "thy immortal spirit is in all things." Wisdom of Solomon 12.1.

I was contemplating during Mass this morning, as the priest sermonized the sufferings of the Christ before His resurrection, that God not only experienced suffering, but new what it was like to be a human in our earthy existence. He would have cleansed himself with his left hand, for example, like not only people of his time did, but as many people in the world do now.

I contemplated the divine humility in not only becoming man, but in live in creation.

This demonstrated the value of creation, why we have sacraments of Bread and Wine, and Water and oil, why we care about the poor and human suffering, why we seek to heal and to try and preserve the natural environment and maintain its inhabitability.

Christianity represents a world and life-affirming spirituality. The Word created the universe by the Spirit, and inhabits it fully. We are ourselves are temples of God.

- Lance

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