Tuesday, June 27, 2017

From My Facebook Page: Done with religious arguments

From now on, I am removing religious fear-based and certain religious arguments from my wall. My wall is not a democracy, I am not going to waste my precious time arguing with people on Facebook. I am not going to defriend people necessarily, I like people I sometimes (often!) disagree with. So if you are still willing to be my friend when I remove your comment, I am glad for that.

But I am sick of religious bullsh*t and I will tell you right now the godliest, most Christ-like person i know is a gay, communist atheist (So maybe I will entertain your arguments if you can demonstrate you are as saintly as he is).

As for me, my teachers are His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie, George Lamsa, and Bede Griffiths (and a couple of his followers). I am content and happy with that, I seek an ancient way and the Reign of God within. I cheer others on their path, whatever they have chosen.

One more thing- when we read the Bible, older and newer testaments, we should make ourselves the bad guys in the story, not other people. We are the Pharisees, We are the Levites and Priests who step over the man beaten and robbed by bandits. We are the ones who tear down our barns and build new ones to store the grain we hoard.

So I am not judging you, if I remove your comment. I just don't have time for arguing with people.

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