Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Other Eastern Churches- from the Christian Century

Ethiopian Orthodox Christians outside of St. George Cathedral in Addis Ababa. Photo © David Stanley via Creative Commons license.

This article, at least as of this writing, is not behind a pay wall. The Oriental Orthodox Churches are Armenian, Coptic, Ethiopian, Eritrean, Syrian, and Malankara (Syrian Orthodox in India).

Read the whole Christian Century article here: The Other Eastern Churches

"Chalcedon was widely rejected in those ancient Eastern churches that had the best claim to direct continuity from the apostolic age...Although the Orientals still reject Chalcedon, differences between the various communions have faded dramatically over time. In their liturgical and devotional life, these churches still have an immense amount in common with the Orthodox. Even on key theological issues, tensions have diminished enormously. Over the past century, productive conversations between Chalce­donian and Oriental communions have shown how slight were the actual differences between the two sides and how misleading were the stereotypes each side once had of the other...Much of the ancient disagreement was technical, semantic, and symbolic."

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